Our deluxe, soundproof audio booth facilitates professional recording at premium quality. Our Pro Tools digital audio editing suite incorporates a full array of music library tracks, sound effects, and technical enhancements. And our on-staff composer offers the option to create a unique musical signature for your project. From a basic voiceover recording with one artist, to a fully-directed session with multiple artists...we have the means to master the audio aspects of your project, and generate the sound of success.

Need a dynamic voice over for you next video or talking book? Check out our voice over audio studio. We can comfortably handle multiple VO talent, large control room with producers desk, and our affordable rates include a great audio engineer! We also provide a full range of analog reel to reel, audio cassette tape, and records, transferred to CD or MP3.

Give  Equity Links Enterprises  a call at 255 22 262 67071 or visit us, our email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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